Oil Pulling is becoming very popular in our country in recent years. Even during a period, this issue has been on the top of google searches, while the celebrity’s interest has increased its popularity.

In fact its origins date back thousands of years to Ayurveda. The method of oil pulling, which found its place in traditional medicine, came back to the agenda in the early 90s with the work of Russian Doctor Fedor Karach.  Is this method, which is said to benefit to asthma, joint diseases, dental health, and the immune system really surprising ? We don’t know because today’s scientific research has not yet yielded definitive conclusions. However, we can focus on the practice and possible and researched benefits, especially in terms of oral health.

First of all, because your oral health is part of your body health, unhealthy teeth and gums are generally a warning. The mouth causes germs and bacteria to spread through the blood to other parts of the body. Bacteria reaching the heart can cause inflammation of damaged areas, especially in people with heart and heart valve disease. Advanced gum disease and tooth loss are associated with vascular occlusion, paralysis and some heart disease. But, a study conducted by the American Heart Association, people who cleaned their teeth at least once a year show that the risk of heart attack and stroke is reduced by 20%. Particularly in patients with advanced periodontal diseases or inflammation of the gums, the risks of heart disease increase, not only for insufficient mouth hygiene leads to risk. To protect your teeth and gum health as well as your body health you need to take enough oral care. In addition to regular tooth brushing and flossing, cleaning your teeth at least once a year, as well as having a healthy smile and breath as well as helping to preserve heart health.

How does it applied?

This is carried out every day for 5 to 20 minutes, in particular by circulating organic sunflower oil, sesame oil or coconut oil in the mouth and between the teeth, then spitting at the end. You can do any time of the day, but if you want to get a routine habit, you can do it in the morning when preparing to go to work or preparing breakfast. After the process, you can then drink water, eat or brush your teeth. It is important that the oil is organic because the artificial substances contained in some oils can cause more damage than benefits. Studies show that regular oil pulling reduces dental plaque and bacterial growth. Although there are some sources that it whitens the teeth, the real effect is that it removes some of the stains. It is also a preventive against gum disease. You can think of the oil as a detox which you apply in the mouth. It is recommended to perform with 45 day periods and start again after a short period of time.

There is no harm in applying this procedure to support oral and dental health. It is important to remember that there is no other method that can replace the use of regular brushing and floss, which is the most important habit that provides the real hygiene and care of the teeth. You should visit your dentist for the treatment of diseases in the teeth and gums. Oil pulling is not an alternative treatment; it is only supportive of your oral care. You can try this method which is not expensive and without any scientific harm, you can apply it if you are satisfied.