Gum Aesthetics

Gum aesthetics, also called pink aesthetics, ensures that the teeth and gums are compatible. A beautiful smile can be achieved by a combination of perfectly aligned white teeth and healthy gums. When you smile appearance of gums generally affect the smile. Likewise, asymmetrical and incompatible gums may cause the teeth to look different.  Gingival recession shows teeth longer than usual. Swelling of the gums, colour changes and bleeding also indicate bad health and aesthetic.

We always aim to achieve flawless results for an aesthetic smile. For a perfect smile, the gums should look good. Healthy gums are pink, firmly attached to the teeth and slightly rough. If there is swelling and bleeding in the gums, it should be treated before the dental aesthetics.

Pink Aesthetics

The purpose of pink aesthetics, i.e., gum aesthetics, is to correct the appearance of the irregular, asymmetric, discoloured and swollen appearance of the gums. Edematous and thickened gums help bacteria plaques to occur easier. Bacterial plaques, in time, cause withdrawal between two teeth and form dark areas. The swelling of the gums causes the teeth to appear darker than usual. Another problem with the gums is that the root surfaces begin to appear and the teeth appear longer due to gum recession. In pink aesthetic applications, there are different treatment options for different gingival problems.


This is the method used to treat “Gummy smile” that is a smile in which the gums seem proportionately larger than the teeth. Your dentist changes the proportion of gum tissue by using laser. It is a painless method applied by local anaesthetics. Patients who want to complete their smile design after this application, which provides a permanent change of the smile with a short term treatment, prefer dental aesthetic applications such as porcelain laminate veneers.


In this treatment, in case of deep pockets due to growth in the gums, excess gums are removed and gingival contours are improved.


This treatment for tissue loss and disruption caused by gum disease aims to support the repair and regeneration of tissues. While the gums are strengthened with the help of tissue stimulating proteins, the root surfaces are closed by gingival grafting. Bone grafting may also be necessary if the bone needs to be strengthened.

Crown Lengthening

If there is a lot of tissue loss in the teeth, there may be cavities under the gums. The excess portion of the gum is removed and the bone is shaped and the crown is lengthened. In some cases, where gum surgery procedures cannot be performed, a solution is provided in this way.

Gum treatments are performed with local anaesthetics. Patients do not feel pain during this treatment. If you experience pain after the procedure, you can use a painkiller recommended by your dentist. The recovery period in the gym aesthetics is 10-15 days. As it is an application for soft tissue, in some cases the recovery time that can reach 3 weeks is normal. Laser is often used in gingival treatments; but, the application is performed according to the person and the problem.

After Gum Aesthetic Treatment

Gum treatments are important not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of health. It should be remembered that various gingival problems have consequences like tooth decay and tooth loss. Annoying problems such as gingival bleeding and plaque formation are removed by gum treatments. Of course, as a result of treatment to get a better smile and noticeably good results in the aesthetic aspect of the treatment makes the patient happy. The main benefits of gum treatment are:

  • Shapeless tooth lengths caused by gums can be corrected.
  • The form of the teeth can be corrected and a regular alignment can be achieved.
  • Gums can have a structure that is harmonious and healthy in terms of color and texture.
  • Problems that can cause cavities and tooth loss can be solved.
  • Gingival tissue is prevented from itching and bleeding.
  • The first stage of smile design is completed with periodontal aesthetics.

Gum health and aesthetics are as important as our teeth. Therefore, you should not think of daily oral care as just brushing your teeth. Oral health and care can be provided with a complete oral hygiene. Avoiding brushing your teeth hard, using floss after brushing will help you maintain your gum health. As a recommendation, professional tooth cleaning every 6 months can prevent plaque formation. By visiting your dentist regularly, you may notice problems before they actually appear.