When are dental implants used ?

We use implants when the patient is missing any teeth for replacing them. In cases where all the teeth are pulled or lost, the implants support the prosthesis. In cases where a single tooth is missing, the preferred dental bridge application in previous years causes wear of adjacent teeth. Implant treatment is the most healthy solution.

What are the disadvantages of dental implants ?

A dental implant costs much more than other treatments and it has a long healing time.

How long does laminate veneer treatment take ?

In most cases, this procedure is broken into two or four separate appointments. Usually the needed time is 7 days to two weeks.

Is smile design safe during pregnancy ?

I recommend you to have all dental treatment after your pregnancy, except for emergency and important dental problems.

What is Hollywood smile ? Is it appropriate to everyone ?

The application, called Hollywood Smile is a smile design. It is the harmonization of the teeth with each other and with the gums and it is a customized design of the smile. In general, laminate veneers are preferred for smile design. It is appropriate to everyone over 18 years of age.

Do dental implants require special care ?

Dental implants function like natural teeth, so they don’t need special care. You should just brush your teeth and use dental floss twice a day at least.

Does teeth whitening damage the teeth ?

I recommend that teeth whitening be applied by professional people. There are cases where home bleaching, in particular, improper use and long-term use can cause damage to the teeth. I recommend office-type bleaching for effective and healthy results.

What should I pay attention to after teeth whitening ?

You may experience sensitivity in the first 1-2 days. In 15 days after teeth whitening, avoid colored drinks such as tea, coffee, cola, red wine and smoking.

Is there an age limit for orthodontic treatment ?

There is no age limit for orthodontic treatment. There’s no upper age limit for braces and we’ve treated patients in their 60s and 70s. Thanks to the developing technology, transparent brackets placed in unseen places can easily remove the problems of adults

How long does orthodontic treatment take ?

Orthodontic treatment takes 8-24 months depending on the type of problem. This period may be shorter in younger patients. You need to go check once a month on average during treatment.

I am thinking about get smile design. Do you recommend zirconium or laminate veneer ?

I  especially recommend zirconium in the posterior teeth and laminate veneer in the anterior teeth for more aesthetic results.

Which type of filling should I prefer ?

It is ideal to use composite fillings known as ”white filling” in the non-very large fillings. For larger fillings, I recommend using porcelain fillings that are strong, resistant to staining and long lasting.

Porcelain tooth is used in which situations ?

In general, porcelain is used if there is a loss in the body of the tooth which cannot be repaired by filling.

Can porcelain tooth break ?

You need to take care your porcelain tooth as well as your natural teeth. Because they can also crack and break.

Is dental treatment safe during pregnancy ?

It is recommended that treatments be done before pregnancy. In the first and last three months of pregnancy, non-anesthetic treatments can be applied. Emergency treatment may be done if necessary.

Is teeth whitening possible for sensitive teeth ?

You need to share your sensitivity problem with your dentist before the teeth whitening. He / she can let you know which options are ideal for you. Sensitivity is often caused by caries, your dentist can detect this or other problem, and whitening can be done after eliminating the sensitivity.

How to reduce tooth sensitivity ?

Sensitivity is often caused by decayed tooth or teeth. Proper diagnosis of the reason for the sensitivity is essential in treating sensitivity. In this case, the problem is resolved by dental filling. If there are dental plaques they are cleaned and the sensitivity is reduced.

At what age should kids start brushing their own teeth ?

Children should begin to brush their teeth under the supervision of adults from the age of 3-4 years.