No-Prep (Prepless) Veneer

Prepless Veneer is similar to laminate veneer (leaf porcelain) application in terms of both application and result obtained. The only difference is that it is applied on the tooth surface without any roughening or abrasion.

The prepless veneers are applied without any loss in the enamel layer and allows you to remove them and use your own teeth whenever you want.

It is the most successful alternative to get fast and aesthetic results for your dental problems such as abrasive veneer, discoloration, breakage and gap tooth. It is a treatment that is completed in a short period of up to a week, without loss of substance from your teeth. Prepless veneer applied on each tooth individually has a similar strength to natural tooth enamel. Daily hygiene is sufficient for maintaining natural tooth enamel. While the prepless veneer can be used easily for at least 10 years without stain and color change, regular daily maintenance extends this period.

Advantages of Prepless Veneer Treatment

  • It is the most successful solution for patients who do not want any wear to their own teeth.
  • It is a treatment that makes patients at ease by the ability to return using their own teeth in the future.
  • It provides patients to have a new smile design within a very short time (2 sessions).

How is Prepless Veneer Applied?

At the first appointment you will receive general examination and imaging of your teeth from a physician who specializes in dental aesthetics. After the measurement of the teeth is taken, a new smile is created by analyzing the patient’s teeth using digital smile design. In smile design, factors such as your natural smile, general shape of your face, even your lifestyle, age and gender are taken into consideration. With the smile design, we aim to create the most appropriate and natural smile on your face. It is also important to consider such criteria in tooth color selection. The laboratory stage comes after the measurement and the designated smile design. Prepless veneers planned in digital environment are rehearsed on your teeth after coming from the laboratory. At this stage, if there is any, you can specify the points you want to be improved and ask for some corrections. At the last stage, the prepless veneer is fixed with a special substance by adhering it to your teeth.

Differences Between Laminate Veneer and Prepless Veneer

  • While laminate veneer is applied to the tooth surface after some abrasion, prepless veneer is applied without abrasion.
  • Although the usage period for prepless and laminate veneers are the same, you can use your own teeth after the prepless veneer is removed. Laminate veneers need to be renewed.
  • Laminate veneer and prepless veneer are around the same price.
  • Laminate veneer is suitable for cramped and highly colored teeth, whereas prepless veneer can be applied easily on teeth with little spacing, less stains or yellowing and growing small teeth.
  • Aesthetically and functionally, the results are identical.

After Prepless Veneer Treatment

Since there is no abrasion in your teeth, you will not feel sensitivity after treatment. Regular brushing and flossing is sufficient for your dental care. It is very important to go to the dentist check every 6 months to protect your oral and dental health.

You will not feel any changes while eating, and you will not experience spotting and coloring problems. Crusty food, especially those with harder outer shells, can also damage your natural teeth, also damage prepless veneers. If you have a problem with clenching and grinding, it will be useful to use night plate. I recommend you to share it with your doctor during treatment.

Beautiful teeth are the common desire of everyone, regardless of age, profession and gender. With the prepless veneer, it allows you to smile comfortably and happily with brighter, smoother, healthier teeth. With this application, which is a permanent and long-term solution, you will feel good for years.

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