Emax Crowns

Emax Crown is the most known brand of empress porcelain application called full ceramic crown. It is a type of crown made of ceramic material that is both long lasting and aesthetically successful. It is a good treatment option for many dental problems such as damaged, broken teeth or color change. While classically E-max ceramic crown is performed after tooth reduction, it can also be used as the substructure material for a different crown treatment.

On Which Teeth Is Full Ceramic Crown Applicable?

Since metal-backed crowns and bridge prosthesis are made of metal, they cause an artificial and unattractive appearance with a matte appearance on the teeth and graying effect on the gums. All crown / bridge applications require renewal after a certain time. Some patients may want to renew it sooner because they are not satisfied with the result of the metal-backed crown. E-max crowns  are the most successful and aesthetic alternative for these patients. In all ceramic prostheses, the substrate material is white, and its light transmittance is very similar to the natural tooth. Whether it is a single tooth or all teeth, the result will be very similar to the aesthetic natural tooth.

Crown is preferred for teeth that have lost substance such as laminate veneer. E-max crown, on the other hand, can be applied to all patients especially to those with anterior teeth crown planned.

  • Colored teeth
  • Perplexed teeth
  • Canal Treated Teeth
  • Broken teeth are teeth that can be applied with e-max crown.

Advantages of E-max Crown

Its biggest advantage is its natural tooth-like structure. The light transmittance allows you to smile comfortably thanks to its structural compatibility with your gums and your own teeth. There is no problem of coloration and staining in E-max crowns, which retains its smooth surface and color for many years.

One of the biggest advantages of this treatment is that patients who cannot receive crown due to metal allergy can easily choose this option.

Disadvantages of Emax Crown

It is more costly than metal supported crowns. It is preferred in short bridges since it cannot meet the durability required by long bridges.

Full Porcelain Crown Treatment Process

After examination and panoramic x-ray is taken, any treatments necessary such as canal treatment, gingival treatment or fillings need to be completed first. If there are no problems, the teeth are made smaller with abrasion accordingly with local anesthesia. After that the measurements are taken, the temporary tooth is applied. After the completion of the laboratory phase, the teeth are placed for testing. After necessary corrections, if any, e-max crowns are permanently adhered.

How long does the E-max crown process take?

It is a treatment that makes patients very happy in terms of duration. With only 2-3 visits to the dentist office, you can get your smile renewed in a short period of 1 week!

Should I Prefer E-max Crown or Zirconium Crown?

E-max and zirconium have similar properties with both light transmittance and white substructure. While full porcelain crowns (E-max) that gives more aesthetic results with less abrasion are preferred especially on the front teeth, it would be correct to choose zirconium crowns on the back teeth due to the high chewing resistance requirements.

Taking care of E-max Crown

The most important tip for using E-max crowns for many years is having a good oral hygiene. It is enough to brush your e-max crown teeth 2 times a day with dental floss, as you would for your own teeth. Dental examination and tooth cleaning, which you should have twice a year, not only protects your oral health, but also ensures that your crowns are checked. This insures your smile to stay the same as the first day for many years.