zirconia crown

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconium crown dental porcelain is preferred in today’s dental aesthetics. It stands out with its structural features close to natural teeth. In the past, porcelain was supported by metal. Metal-supported porcelain was causing some problems. The use of metal that does not reflect light caused a darker image of the teeth and gums and is harmful to the health of the body. Because of the metal supports, which cannot be used in people with metal allergy, dentists have started new research.

Zirconium is a white metal found in nature. There are many reasons why zirconium, which is used in different fields of medicine, is especially preferred in dentistry.

Advantages of zircon crown teeth

  • High mechanical resistance
  • Extreme resistance to breakage. It is preferred with its solid structure especially for the back teeth.
  • In terms of aesthetics, its colour and its light transmittance are very close to natural teeth.
  • It does not cause colour problems in the gums.
  • It does not cause allergies in people who are allergic to various metals. Because it is a tissue-compatible mine, it does not cause biological problems.
  • According to other alternatives, its lifetime is very long and it is an economic solution.
  • The insulation structure provides comfort by preventing hot / cold sensitivity.

Zirconium tooth crown are generally applied together with porcelain crowns or bridges. Zirconium is not the crown itself, it forms the substructure that replaces the metal supports. In spite of all its advantages, the only disadvantage is that it is more costly than metal supports.

How does it applied?

The wax model prepared after the measurement of the teeth is transferred to the computer environment. Zirconium, which is the substructure of the tooth, is prepared completely digitally with 3D modeling. It is completed with porcelain placed on it.

Zirconium Crown Dental Uses

  • Single tooth crown
  • In the case of bridge prosthesis prepared in the rear teeth deficiencies
  • In crown-bridges applied on implant

Zirconium is the choice of patients and dentists with its structure which meets both aesthetic expectations and is almost as durable as a natural tooth.  Zirconium teeth, which can be applied quickly, can be applied to patients without other oral problems in as little as 1 week.