The All on Four Implant is the technique that allows the implantation of implants at certain angles in the mouth and the fixation of the prosthesis on the same day. It’s ideal for patients with all teeth missing. This technique applies according to the dental implant procedure to patients who have adequate bone density and have lost all their teeth.

All on Four – Treatment steps

First of all, the dentist makes a detailed clinical examination of the patient and radiological examinations such as x-ray tomography are completed. After the implants are applied, temporary prostheses are placed. If the tooth has to be pulled in the mouth, they are pulled. For the prosthesis, the patient’s teeth are measured and prepared for post-implant application. After the implants are applied, temporary prostheses are placed. At the end of the 3-month period, the temporary prosthesis is replaced by permanent prostheses. As a result of the procedure, you can observe pain and swelling for 1 or 2 days as in all dental implant procedures. However, you can easily eliminate these complaints with the help of medication that your doctor will recommend. As long as you use temporary prosthesis for 3 months, it is important to avoid very hard foods, prevent the prosthesis from being damaged and do not put pressure on the implants. At the end of 3 months there is no drawback to return to your normal diet.

Advantages of All on Four

  • It allows implant and prosthesis to be performed on the same day for all patients with missing teeth.
  • It results in a much lower cost compared to normal implant treatments, it is economical.
  • All on four is ideal for patients who have difficulty using a removable prosthesis.
  • It allows smiling design and gives a new and aesthetic smile to the patient.
  • The design of the palate, which is different from the complete dentures, makes it easier for the patient to get used to.
  • Since the treatment lasts for 2-3 sessions, it is not an application that causes the patient to become tired.

Patients treated with the All on 4 technique receive very successful results, especially if they carefully follow their doctor’s recommendations within a 3-month period. It is a very advantageous method for the patient because it is not to affect both eating and drinking functions and social life.