Jaw cysts are pathological epithelial filled with fluid inside the jaw bone. This type of cysts, usually seen in the jawbone, can also be seen in the soft tissues of the mouth and face. Jaw cysts do not show symptoms until they reach a certain size. Symptoms such as numbness on the lip, which may appear as a painful or painless swelling or pressure on the nerve, may indicate the presence of the cyst. Cysts that you cannot notice for a long time can cause serious damage to the jawbone. Your dentist can identify the presence of the cyst in regular dentist controls. In this case, the diagnosis is confirmed by pathological evaluation and radiological methods.

Treatment of jaw cysts

Cysts may not be treated with medication. Therefore, cyst treatment requires surgical operation. For the removal of cysts that develop mostly in the root of the teeth, pulling the tooth is not enough. It is necessary to remove all of the cysts. So they will not continue to develop in the bone. The cyst can be minimized and removed by the marlitization method, or it can be completely removed by enucleation.

After the process

The region is filled with bone powder (graft) or is expected to spontaneously close. If the cyst treatment is performed with tooth extraction, when the healing process is completed, the tooth deficiency in the empty area is filled with implantation. Jaw cyst surgery is not very different from treatments such as tooth extraction and implantation. As with other surgical procedures, by using antibiotics and painkillers recommended by your dentist, rinsing your mouth with special antiseptic mouthwashes and visiting your dentist on time, you will complete your healing process.