For many years, doctors have talked about the relationship between healthy teeth and heart health. Research in recent years shows that especially gum disease and heart disease is an important relationship between them.

Although the effects of causes due to oral health, such as the effects of smoking, genetic factors, other chronic diseases, have not been well established, the researches show the connected points in many respects.

First of all, because your health is part of your body health, unhealthy teeth and gums are generally a warning. Mouth causes the distribution of germs and bacteria to blood and to other parts of the body. Bacteria reaching the heart can cause inflammation of the damaged areas, especially in people with heart and heart valve disease. Advanced gum disease and tooth loss are associated with vascular occlusion, paralysis and some heart disease. However, a study conducted by the American Heart Association, people who cleaned their teeth at least once a year show that the risk of heart attack and stroke is reduced by 20%. Especially, in patients with advanced periodontal diseases or inflammation of the gums, the risks of heart disease increase, not only for insufficient mouth hygiene leads to risk. . To protect your teeth and gum health as well as your body health you need to take enough oral care. In addition to regular tooth brushing and flossing, cleaning your teeth at least once a year, as well as having a healthy smile and breath as well as helping to preserve heart health.