For various reasons such as aging, tea, coffee habit and smoking, colour change may occur in the teeth. Discoloured teeth may be converted to natural tooth colour by some methods, but it is important to apply them in dentist control. Teeth whitening can be performed by your dentist in the clinic or at home, also under the control of your dentist. At home bleaching, your dentist prepares a special mold for your teeth. Then, your dentist will explain to you how long and how much you should use teeth whitening supplies. Teeth whitening gels are applied to this mold and used for an average of 6-8 hours. Since the mold prepared by this method is suitable for the tooth structure of the patient, there isn’t a risk of damage to the gums and other soft tissues are negligible. The amount of gel to be used is also determined according to the tooth structure and tooth enamel thickness of patient. The duration of treatment and the degree of colouration are determined by the dentist. This method is one of the most preferred methods of dental whitening. It is necessary to pay attention when using tooth whitening products sold in markets today. Since the molds sold in the market are not for your teeth, it is difficult to ensure that all teeth are evenly whitened. Likewise, soft tissues are more likely to be affected as the mold is not fully seated. They do not provide permanent whiteness in some products sold in grocery stores, and long-term use can cause sensitivity and permanent problems in teeth. Teeth whitening toothpaste only provides half a ton of whitening when used regularly

The most common of the more traditional methods is brushing teeth, with table salt or carbonate. However, these methods do not provide a permanent whiteness and, when applied frequently, can cause permanent damage to both teeth and gums. Scratches and cracks in tooth enamel can only be removed by crown methods; damage to the gums may cause gum recession and tooth loss. The most reliable method to whiten your teeth, which are darkening and yellowing, is to consult with your dentist and take advantage of the appropriate whitening option.