Nowadays, one of the most common uses of the implant is undoubtedly implant-supported dentures. We all know the importance of implants in the treatment of missing teeth. Implants also have an important role in denture. An implant-supported denture is used when a person doesn’t have any teeth in the jaw, but has enough bone in the jaw to support implants. Before implant applications, patients had to live with the partial denture and with the difficulty of this denture when they lost all their teeth. However, thanks to the implant, all dentures -whether complete or partial- have become easier to use provide a permanent comfort to patients.

It is very difficult to keep the partial denture in the mouth with no teeth. The implants placed in the jawbone ensure that the removable denture performs the speech and chewing function correctly. Complete dentures placed on the implants are lifelike and very useful. In patients with no teeth, the choice of partial or complete denture depends on the number of implants to be used. Since the cost will increase as the number of implants increases, the choice belongs to the patient. For the removable denture, it is sufficient 2 – 4 implants in the lower jawbone and 4 for in upper jawbone. For the complete denture, you need 4 – 6 implants in the lower jawbone and 6 – 8 implants in upper jawbone.

Taking care of your implant supported denture

You should remove and clean your implant-supported removable denture 2 times a day. You should also remove and put it in water at night. You should clean the implant area just like your natural teeth. Your dentist may need to fix the rubber parts of the denture as there may be changes over time. Implant supported complete denture care is just like normal dental care. So, you should brush them twice a day. You can use special dental floss and mouthwash for the parts between the denture and the gum. Especially in the first year, you should visit regularly your dentist every 3-6 months, and then you should visit her / him every 6 months.