Laser use in dentistry is not actually a new concept. The laser, which has been used in dentistry for 20 years and its usage is increasing every year, can be used in all of the treatments, and it has a role in some treatments.

The laser is briefly the light source with condensed energy. It can be used in both soft tissue and hard tissue procedures in dentistry.

Is laser use in dentistry safe?

The laser is non-ionizing, does not accumulate in tissue and does not contain any radioactive properties such as x-ray. That’s why it is a very safe method. It can be used easily for all patients, including patients with diabetes and heart disease, patients with pacemakers, children and pregnant women.

Dentists are using the laser for:

  • Gingivoplasty – Pink Aesthetics, gingival levelling and gingival symmetry
  • Application of curettage (deep gum cleaning)
  • Tooth stains
  • Cavities cleaning and tooth filling
  • Root canal treatment, especially shaping and sterilization in dental root canals
  • Implant treatment
  • Tooth bleaching
  • Treatment of mouth sores and aphthae
  • Treatment of sensitive teeth
  • Some jawbone operations

The reason why laser is such a wide area of use is that it has many advantages. It provides 100% disinfection and sterilization. It prevents the occurrence of infection and formation of cavities. Laser allows operation without touching teeth and other tissues. Laser prevents heat, vibration and friction-induced pain. So there is no need for anaesthesia.

The power of the laser is adjustable. Thus it allows to work by focusing on cavities. It removes only the carious tissue from the tooth and minimizes the loss of matter.

Its advantage is that there is virtually no bleeding during treatment. It decreases the swelling, pain and pain that can occur especially after the operations of the jawbone and accelerates the healing process. Laser reduces muscle spasm-induced joint pain, in a few minutes. It allows the patient to open his – her mouth comfortably.

In laminate veneers and various crown applications applied in aesthetic dentistry, the laser used in the roughening of the tooth increases the fixity of the crown and reduces the risk of falling. Sensitivity due to gum recession is prevented by the laser. The laser has great advantages, especially in the dental treatment of children. The fear of instruments used in dentistry can be prevented by the use of the laser. The laser, which is mostly used in cavities cleaning processes, contributes to a comfortable experience without the need for anaesthesia and thus to the fear of dentist. Research shows that the laser does not cause any allergic reaction. Laser is used alone for treatments such as gum aesthetics, cavities cleaning. It helps in successful treatment such as root canal treatment and implant treatment. It shortens treatment and recovery time, eliminates or alleviates anaesthesia, pain, bleeding. That’s why it is preferred more and more with each passing day.