Smile design is a dental procedure applied to the teeth to beautify your smile, which can help illuminate a person’s face create a warm and lively outlook. If you want a natural smile and a beautiful look, you should also benefit from smile design applications. Smile design provides also a natural look for your gums.

What can smile design do for you?

The following issues can be fixed with smile design, using whitening treatment, pink aesthetics, zirconium (porcelain crown), bonding and orthodontic treatments:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Discoloured teeth
  • Misshapen gums
  • Lost teeth
  • Diastema (gap between teeth)
  • Tooth – size discrepancy
  • Facial deformities
  • Lips
  • Fractures and cracks in teeth

The smile design regulates the posture, colour, shape, and appearance of your teeth, and also the proportion of the gum, jawbone, lip, tongue, cheek, chin and even your face. Even if the teeth are healthy, permanent deformities in the teeth are treated without any damage by the use of smile design with the advancement of technology. For a beautiful smile and beautiful appearance, smile design is highly preferred in recent years. In this way, people can continue their lives without worrying about their smile’s aesthetics.

What are the important factors in smile design?

  • Face shape
  • Age of the patient
  • Sex of the patient
  • Social position of the patient
  • Economic status of the patient
  • Level of dental disorders
  • Experience of the dentist

Smile design makes the person’s smile unique. In recent years, dentists have begun to experiment with a new technique in smile design. This technique is called mock-up method and it temporarily changes the shape and colour of your teeth in order to check and see the changes you and your dentist wish to make on your smile. It is used in the first steps of a smile design procedure.

How you can create an aesthetic smile with smile design?

First of all, the patient’s expectations and desires must be understood correctly. After the measurements are taken from the mouth of the patient, the models and plans are made. If there are problems, they are removed at this stage. With the help of pictures of patient’s mouth and teeth and the consultation, dentist informs the dental technician of the changes we wish to make on the cast. Teeth problems are removed and eventually the patient has healthy teeth and a shimmering smile. In short, with the smile design, it is possible to create an ideal smile for that person.