Oral health and nutrition are in direct interaction with each other. Nowadays, an increase in tooth decay is observed due to changing eating habits. The widespread consumption of biscuits, sugary foods and cola beverages due to the ready-made food sector threatens oral health. The intense amount of sugar and the acid level of these foods that cause damage to the teeth cause caries, and not giving sufficient importance to dental health plays an important role in the growth of cavities. You can protect your dental health by taking into consideration the harm to the oral and dental health of foods that adhere to the teeth, are not cleaned easily, and you can protect your teeth also by avoiding the excess consumption.

  • After acidic and sugary foods / drinks, brush your teeth after half an hour. If you can’t brush, you can rinse your mouth with water or help protect it by drinking milk.
  • Likewise, a piece of cheese that you will eat after this kind of food will regulate the inside of the mouth and therefore this reduces the risk of cavities.
  • If you consume sugary and acidic foods, it is important that you consume them in a particular order in the main meals.
  • You can eat foods like carrot and apple instead of harmful snacks. These foods, which help to clean the anterior teeth and strengthen the teeth and gums, are very useful for oral health.

Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

  • As well as foods that harm the teeth, many nutrients that naturally fight bacteria, reduce plaque formation and refresh the breath, are ideal for natural teeth protection.
  • Celery, thanks to its fibrous and hard structure, massages the gums and cleans the teeth. When we chew raw celery, the formation of bacteria decreases with the help of saliva.
  • Especially after you eat smelly foods, parsley removes the bad breath.
  • All foods containing calcium are generally tooth friendly. In particular, yogurt is helpful in the healing of loose teeth by reducing tooth root inflammation in people with periodontal disease.
  • The vitamin C repository kiwi is useful in preventing the sensitivity of the gums and in weakening the bacteria.
  • Catechin contained in the content of the green tea, as well as preventing bacterial growth is also effective against cancer.
  • Cheese has a protective effect against decay, while maintaining the Ph balance in the mouth.
  • Strawberry is a food that naturally dissolves plaques It also prevents the formation of new plaque.
  • Nuts cover the teeth with the oils they contain and they form a protective structure. These oils help strengthen the tooth enamel and provide more resistance to decay.
  • Fish hardens the teeth with phosphorus it contains. Consuming fish at least once a week is very useful for healthy teeth.