Implants made of titanium or titanium alloys are the most suitable treatment for replacement of a missing tooth root. You will go to your dentist two or three weeks after the surgery to start the process of having your crown, bridge or denture made. In this way, your teeth will not rot, will look lifelike and make you feel like a natural tooth. For the bridges, which are the treatment method for the other missing teeth, the teeth next to the missing tooth are made ready for the crown insertion and the prosthetic tooth is attached between the two crowns. Implant treatment is very advantageous compared to such treatments that erode healthy teeth. Implants are less costly than other treatments on the long view. If there are problems with any of the three or more teeth in the bridges, the entire bridge must be replaced. In addition, a flossing tool is used to clean the bridges, which many people find difficult and laborious. However, you can brush the implant like normal teeth and use dental floss. In the future, if there are any problems with the implant, the dentist doesn’t touch the other teeth to solve the problem. Implants protect your jawbone. When a tooth is pulled, the body feels this loss, and the tooth starts to resorb the supporting bone. If more than one missing tooth is present, this will cause facial collapse. All these are some of the many problems that can occur in aesthetic terms. Bone resorption is prevented because the presence of an implant in that region signals that the bone is still necessary. Thanks to the implants you will not be afraid of smiling, talking in public places and eating with others. Most importantly, you will be able to regain your natural and bright smile.