Dental implant treatment is a frequently used treatment in cosmetic dentistry.  The way to have a nice smile is through pearl white teeth. Nowadays, some people may experience lack of confidence because their smile is not aesthetic. Because of this situation, they consult to dentists who specialize in dental aesthetics. Dentists should talk to the patient in detail before the treatment. They should identify an appropriate treatment method for the patient’s discomfort. They should warn the patient about the mishaps that may occur in the direction of the treatment. The relationship between patient and dentist is really important in dental implant treatment. The patient should trust his / her dentist and should follow his / her recommendations based on his / her experience. The aim of the treatment is to provide an aesthetic appearance by filling in the deficiencies in the teeth.

About dental implant treatment

Dental implant treatment is preferred by many people. Both genetic and environmental factors can cause tooth loss. Therefore, dental implant treatment is applied to remove the disorders in the teeth. With this treatment, missing teeth are replaced. Titanium is generally used in implant treatment. Titanium is preferred because it is compatible with bodily tissues. It is also a material which is highly resistant to external forces. Implants can usually be placed in the gaps of previously lost teeth in the mouth or in tooth gaps after tooth extraction. Thus, the patient will have new life-like teeth.

Implant applications are not as easy as they seem. This treatment can only be performed by specialists in the field. Its aim is to make fixed or moving prostheses. If the bone is not adequate for implant placement, the bone formation process is initiated. Afterward, implant treatment can be started. In the case of an adequate amount of bone, dentists usually recommend implant treatment. However, implant application may not be performed in every case of tooth loss. In some cases, two implants should be placed intermittently, which is called a dental bridge. After the clinical examination, the dentist determines how many implants are needed. Implant treatment is very beneficial for people who want to have a natural smile.