What is dental aesthetics?

Today, many people want to have beautiful teeth. With modern technology, different and innovative methods have been developed in smile aesthetics. Many of these methods aim to improve dental aesthetics. With dental aesthetics, even the appearance of the face can be changed. Some people may experience a lack of self-confidence because their smile is not aesthetic. Therefore, they are turning to doctors who specialize in dental aesthetics. Dentists should talk to the patient in detail before the treatment. Dentist should determine an appropriate treatment for the patient’s discomfort. Dentist should warn the patient about the mishaps that may occur during the treatment. The relationship between the doctor and the patient is very important in the treatment of dental aesthetics. The patient should trust his / her dentist and should follow his / her recommendations based on his / her experience.

Methods for the treatment of dental aesthetics

There are several methods used in the treatment of dental aesthetics. These are methods for maintaining the harmony of the teeth with the lips, enhancing the general appearance of the face and, at the same time, protecting the dental health. With these treatments, the patient may have the desired facial appearance. If the teeth are not misaligned or malformed, the whitening method is preferred. The dentist removes brown stains and yellowing on the tooth surface with tooth whitening process. The most important point of a beautiful smile is the pearly white teeth. You can have pearly white teeth with tooth whitening treatment. The duration of tooth whitening treatment depends on the patient’s teeth.  Generally, the teeth can be whitened for an average of 40 minutes. If the patient takes care of his or her teeth and dental care, he / she can maintain the whiteness of his / her teeth for a year. If the teeth are malformed or misaligned, orthodontic treatment is usually preferred. With this treatment, the alignment of the teeth improves. Thus, the patient will have pearl like teeth. On the other hand, porcelain laminate veneers may also be preferred to remove yellowing in the teeth. In this treatment, porcelain laminate veneers are adhered to the teeth. With this option, you can also obtain aesthetic white teeth. If there are deficiencies in the teeth of the patient, implant treatment is preferred to fill the gaps. This provides an aesthetic appearance. After dental aesthetic treatments, the patient should constantly pay attention to oral care.