Panoramic X-ray is the X-ray film that creates a single image of the entire mouth: the upper and lower jaws, all the teeth and their roots, the nasal area and sinuses. Especially before surgery, dentists should analyse the panoramic x-rays that help them in diagnosing and planning treatment. If the dentist sees the entire area to be treated, it contributes to the success of the results.

Why use a panoramic X-ray?

  • For visualization of invisible cavities, cysts, tumours,
  • For the detection and inspection of impacted wisdom teeth,
  • For periodic checks of dental implants,
  • For examination of jaw joint disorders and fractures,
  • For inspection of the root canal,
  • For detection of root tip infection,
  • For inspection of the sins base,
  • To determine the depth of tooth decay

It is also necessary for the archiving of the patient’s condition. Because panoramic dental X-ray creates a single image of the entire mouth, the amount of radiation exposure is also reduced. In addition, the image quality increases with the use of a digital system.