People who are unhappy with their smile or have problems in their teeth should prefer the option for a beautiful smile that is customized for them. In recent years, dentistry has been among the many areas that benefit from aesthetic development. It should be remembered that the teeth reflect the smile, the smile reflects the energy.

What is dental aesthetic?

To solve the problems in the teeth and gums, to evaluate them aesthetically and to reshape them accordingly is called dental aesthetics. Dental aesthetics are related to facial structure, mouth shape, teeth and gum care. Operations must be done by specialist aesthetic dentists. Aesthetic dentists are interested in the structure and the harmony of teeth, gums, face and jaw.

How to decide on dental aesthetics?

The dentist listens to the patient’s requests and examines her – him.  He – she looks at the structure of the teeth and the condition of the gums. Then, the anatomical facial structure is photographed from different angles. With these photographs, the most suitable digital designs are prepared and shared with the patient. When the patient decides on their customized smile after these designs, treatment is started with aesthetic dentistry. With dental aesthetics, it is possible to change the shape of the teeth, and consecutively the smile and the expression on the face. Dental aesthetics where health meets aesthetics affects patients positively. Dental aesthetics must be applied on healthy teeth. It is very important to achieve a natural result in dental aesthetics. Otherwise, you cannot get a pleasant result. After the patient’s dental measurements are taken, laboratory studies begin. At each stage, the models are rehearsed. At the end of these rehearsals, the procedure to be applied is determined. It is important not to skip any rehearsals. These rehearsals guide the dentist to create the final look of your customized smile.

In which cases can you prefer dental aesthetics?

  • If you want to hide your teeth when you smile,
  • If you avoid smiling when you take a selfie,
  • If your teeth are not as white as you want,
  • If you’re afraid to smile,
  • If there is no harmony between your lips and gums,
  • If there are gaps between your teeth,
  • If you have misaligned or malformed teeth,
  • If you have fillings and fractures in the front teeth, you can benefit from dental aesthetics.

Dental aesthetics can be performed on all teeth, mostly on the front teeth. It is possible to create great changes with small touches thanks to dental aesthetics. Today, at the peak of dental aesthetics, we can fulfill all requests of patients. The purpose of dental aesthetics is to create a natural and beautiful image. It is important here to create the most beautiful smile that suits a patient within medical principles.