When you have an emergency problem in your mouth and teeth, taking some precautions until you go to the dentist will make a big contribution to your treatment.

Toothache at night;

Toothache is one of the most common dental problems. There may be many reasons of toothache. After brushing your teeth, provide hygiene with dental floss, and rinse your mouth with marrow water. You can disinfect your mouth by gargling with salt water. You can use a painkiller that you have used before. Putting alcohol or aspirin on the aching tooth is definitely not recommended as it will cause permanent damage to the gums.

If one of your teeth falls out;

If one of your teeth falls out, you should go to the dentist urgently. It is very important to keep the tooth moist while taking it to the dentist. You must take the tooth to your dentist in the saliva or in milk. The tooth, which is a vivid tissue, can be saved if you act fast. Even if you can do it, you can replace the tooth.

If you feel that your tooth loose

If your tooth is loose or shaky, you should visit your dentist immediately in this case. It is important not to push it into the cavity and to keep it moist until you go to your dentist. Your dentist can place and fix the tooth. He / she applies a treatment depending on the cause of shaking.

If your tooth is broken

If your tooth is broken or cracked, you should rinse your mouth with warm water to clean the area. You should keep it moist and go to the dentist immediately. If your tooth broke because of an impact, use gauze to prevent bleeding and put cold compresses on your face to keep and swelling down. Fractures and cracks can damage nerves, so you may need the root canal treatment.

If you bite your cheek

Bites can damage intraoral soft tissues. These sensitive tissues can be easily damaged. Tongue, lips and, cheeks bleed a lot when they are injured because there are many small blood vessels in the mouth. Put a clean, moist cloth to the bleeding area and rise your mouth with salt water. If the bleeding does not stop within 10 – 15 minutes, that means the injury is serious. So, you should go to the dentist immediately.

You cannot cure any dental emergency at home. Temporary solutions cause you to lose time and therefore make treatment difficult. Especially, if you continuously use painkillers for your toothache, the tooth decay will worsen and you will need root canal. You may even lose your tooth. Your dentist can save broken, cracked and shaky teeth by early intervention.