Improper information and fears about implant treatment cause the patient to avoid treatment. Therefore, knowing the treatment procedure will be beneficial for our patients who think about getting a dental implant.

The most important thing to do before your appointment is to get your sleep and not to overpower treatment. A few days before the implant is placed, you may need to use antibiotics and anti-bacterial mouthwashes if you have an infection in your mouth. You can ask your dentist about everything you are wondered if you come to your appointment early. For the surgical placement of the implant, your mouth will be thoroughly numbed with local anaesthesia. During this process you can listen to your favourite music. A single tooth implant surgery can typically take 15 – 30 minutes from start to finish. When you go home after the application, the effect of anaesthesia lasts a few hours. To prevent swelling and pain that may occur in the gums and other soft tissues you can use painkillers. You can be sure that this procedure will not cause you to return to your work the next day and cause trauma that prevents you from continuing your normal life. Implants are the most effective treatment to replace missing teeth thanks to a success rate of approximately 90% and a long lifespan.