Gap between teeth called diastema appears especially in the anterior teeth. Diastema is common in people with congenital jawbone and large teeth. In some people, other teeth sliding into the cavity created by the pulled tooth or the lack of structural teeth may also cause gaps.

Diastema treatment

Gap between teeth prevent most people from being comfortable while smiling. Various areas of dentistry offer highly effective solutions to this problem. It is possible to resolve with orthodontic treatment if gaps are spread over a large area. However, aesthetic dentistry offers fast and effective results, especially in problems involving the front teeth. Bonding and laminate veneer treatments are among the applications that completely meet the aesthetic expectations, which are the main objectives of closing these gaps.

Diastema treatment with orthodontics

Orthodontics provides a permanent solution to diastema. Treatment lasts between 12-18 months on average. It may be necessary to use a stabilizer to avoid a recurrence the gap between the teeth.

Diastema treatment with bonding

The composite filler used in this method, which offers a fast and economical solution, is an important material of dentistry. With the composite filler, which is easy to apply, the gaps of the teeth can be closed in one session. The most important disadvantage of this method, which offers the fastest solution among all methods, is that it needs to polish stains caused by factors such as tea, coffee and cigarettes due to being stainable material. It is a method that can be used for a long time if necessary maintenance is done with regular dentist controls.

Diastema treatment with laminate veneers

Laminate veneer glued to the front surface of the teeth can be closed the gaps between teeth in a short time, aesthetically and very successfully. This method, which eliminates the discolouration and deformities of the teeth, is the most successful application of smile design. Porcelain lamina application lasts between 1 week and 10 days and average 3 sessions. It is important that the practicing dentist is a specialist in aesthetic dentistry. In some cases, this may need to be combined with gingival aesthetics. Before permanent application, digital smile design and mock-up allows you to feel comfortable and safe. The only disadvantage according to the Bonding application is that it is more costly. However, the long-lasting, non-staining and lifelike structures are its advantages.

In the treatment of diastema, while meeting the expectations of the patient, it is necessary to take measures to prevent the reformation of dental gaps. Please contact us for detailed information about diastema and appointment.