To prevent the yellowing of your teeth, it is necessary to first examine what causes yellowing. The biggest staining factors in teeth are the excessive consumption of beverages such as tea, coffee, wine and cigarettes. The surface stained with these beverages is the enamel layer which is the outermost part of the tooth. The enamel layer is the most easily whiten section.

The more difficult layer to whiten is the dentine layer which is the living area of ​​your tooth. Dentin, a viable tissue, grows like other tissues. Yellowing is the result of this aging. However, when we take good care of other tissues, such as our skin, the aging process will be slowed down, and when we do the necessary care for our teeth, this progress will slow down. And, of course, the more we act unconcerned, the faster the aging.

Most people perceive the yellowing of the teeth as an inevitable result of the aging. But the only reason for preparing this result is not the aging. Because most people don’t pay enough attention to their teeth, their teeth begin to age long before them.

Causes of early aging of teeth

  • Tooth grinding: Grinding the teeth causes the teeth to remain under intense pressure and the teeth quickly age, and yellow.
  • Impacts: Some people have only one tooth more yellow than others. The reason for this jaundice is the impact of the impact taken for a reason such as falling.
  • Malnutrition: Malnutrition accelerates the aging process of the teeth as well as the aging of the whole body.

Ways to slow the discolouring process in teeth

  • If you grind or clench your teeth, your bruxism should be treated. Tooth grinding can be a temporary problem but sometimes it is a problem that lasts for years and causes great damage over time.
  • Protect your teeth from impacts.
  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Stop smoking to protect your entire health system.
  • Not consume large amounts of beverages such as tea, coffee and wine. It helps to protect the colour of your teeth.