Oral and dental health is generally considered separate from general bodily health. When you think about it, you may be evaluating teeth and gum problems separately from the body in general. But when we think again, we realize that our mouth is like a gateway to our inner body. It is the transition point of bacteria and viruses, not only food and beverages. Also, the process of digestion starts in the mouth. The purpose of oral care is to have healthy and clean teeth as well as a fresh breath. To have a healthy body, you should also take care of your dental health. Researches associate many diseases such as heart, kidney, joint disorders, and digestive system problems with oral health. Also, according to researchers, the progression of ordinary cavities can also threaten the general health. For example, if your gums are bleeding while brushing your teeth, you may suffer from itching and swelling during the day. This gum problem can lead to larger problems that may lead to inflammation and tooth loss over time. The reason for tooth decay is generally thought to be sweet foods and beverages. Yes, sweet and acidic foods are not friendly to the teeth. However, tooth decay occurs as a result of bacteria in the mouth. Advanced cavities and infection require longer and challenging treatments and the spread of infection through the blood through the body can also affect other organs. In recent years, many researches mention the relationship between dental and heart health.

It is necessary to pay attention to dental and oral health from a young age. Children getting used to the habit of taking their teeth is the key to having healthy teeth lifelong. Of course, to be a good example for their children, parents first must have this habit. Unfortunately, in our country, people do not pay enough attention to oral care as they should. However, this is a very easy process that lasts only a few minutes in 24 hours. The important thing is to make sure that all teeth are brushed and cleaned efficiently. For the rest, visiting your dentist and cleaning your teeth every 6 months will help you to maintain your dental health. It is also important that you visit a dentist immediately if you experience any discomfort such as tooth sensitivity, cavities, and gum diseases. Remember, the teeth can’t heal on their own accord.

If you still did not make oral hygiene a habit, you should start today. You can begin to pay attention to your dental care with the awareness that the relaxation you feel in your mouth will affect your entire body and even your psychology positively.