Invisalign is one of the newest technologies in dentistry. It is a new generation of orthodontic treatment using specially prepared transparent plates without using wire and bracket. Especially adult patients complaining of tooth distortion are not too keen on wearing braces. The most important advantage of Invisalign treatment is that it can be easily used by patients of all ages with its almost invisible transparent structure. This treatment can be applied to patients with minimal tooth problems, but may also be preferred in more advanced cases.

How is Invisalign treatment performed?

The treatment is started by taking the patient’s dental molds and transferring them to the computer in three dimensions. After Invisalign treatment is planned, the dentist creates customized molds through these 3-D images. These molds provide the planned movement in your teeth. The plaque is changed every 2 weeks. Each plaque passes the movement on, which forces the teeth to 0.5 mm, to the next stage. An average of 20-30 plaques are replaced until all the stages planned at the beginning of the treatment are completed.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

The most important advantage of clear braces is its aesthetic structure. They are ideal for patients who are concerned that their brackets will interfere with speech and smiles in their social lives. Another advantage is its ergonomic structure. The time to get used to their presence in mouth is very short compared to the classic brackets. Its removable structure provides great comfort to the patient. When you eat and brush your teeth, you can remove the bracket and then replace it. It is sufficient to keep it on your teeth for 18-20 hours a day on average. While classic brackets affect speech in some way, Invisalign method does not have such a problem.

Another important advantage of the treatment is that the outcome of treatment is known from the beginning of the treatment. The treatment duration and outcome in classical orthodontic treatments vary according to the patient and the practice required.

The disadvantage of clear braces is that they are more costly compared to other brackets and wire treatments. While classical orthodontic treatments provide solutions to almost all types of misaligned tooth, Invisalign treatment cannot be applied to each case. Of course, your dentist should decide as a result of the first examination.

What is the age requirement for the Invisalign (clear braces) treatment? Is there any?

This treatment can be applied to patients older than 12 years. Nowadays, because orthodontic treatments are highly developed, it is a treatment that is especially preferred by older patients.

In summary, Invisalign is aesthetic with its invisible structure. It is also a hygienic and comfortable orthodontic treatment. The comfort of the patient is particularly important in long-term dental treatment. The feedback we received from our patients treated with this method is highly satisfactory and therefore we can easily recommend it to our newest clients.