Many people try to find their own methods to get out of pain fast.

Toothache is a severe pain that can be intolerable for almost everyone. If you have neglected teeth and do not regularly visit your dentist, you may suddenly experience a toothache. Pain can begin in the middle of the night, even when you’re asleep. In such an emergency, patients who cannot reach their dentist immediately try to find the solution themselves. Of course, all solutions that you find in case of emergency are temporary. However, some of these temporary solutions may create serious threats to your oral and dental health.

Let’s examine the mistakes made to stop the pain:

  • To put cotton with alcohol on the tooth is one of the often made mistakes. This method which relieves the pain for a short time may cause “alcohol burns” in the intraoral soft tissues (tongue, cheeks, gums etc.).
  • When pain begins, almost every patient uses painkillers. You should remember that the use of painkillers without the advice of a dentist may cause problems in the digestive tract.

Some people put painkillers or aspirin on the tooth. You should definitely avoid this because this application damages the intramural soft tissues. When you have a toothache, you can temporarily relieve your pain with a painkiller previously recommended by your doctor until you go to your dentist’s clinic.

  • Some patients think that they can stop toothache by using antibiotics. Not all toothache requires antibiotics, but sometimes it can be part of treatment. Moreover, it is very dangerous to use antibiotics without a prescription.
  • Unfortunately, some patients are satisfied with temporary solutions because they believe that pain will pass through over time. You think that the pain is completely over in a few weeks, but it may return more severe. Because if there is a pain, there is a reason and this pain will not recover unless it is treated.

If you have an aching or sensitive tooth, I recommend that you visit your dentist immediately. Before you go, you can call him/her to give pieces of information about the severity and frequency of pain, and get information about workarounds.