The effect that smile has on people is an undeniable fact. One of the most active areas of this effect is the business life. Nowadays, human resources experts are so concerned about this effect that if you don’t smile during a job interview, they advise you not to interview in vain. According to a study, those who have the bright teeth seem 60% more successful or even richer. If you don’t smile confidently, it means there’s a problem you don’t want to show about your teeth. In fact, a problem that can be solved in a short period of time may have prevented you from smiling for years. Here comes the aesthetic dentistry. In the past, dental treatments were among the treatments that were applied, and nowadays, increasing aesthetic expectations emphasize dental aesthetics as a separate area of expertise. With your aesthetic smile design by your dentist, you can have a much more impressive impression in your next job interview.

Glow when you smile!

Many people smile can not only because of yellowing in their teeth and stains. However, it is possible to reach white and bright teeth with teeth whitening in a short time. Choose any type of home or office type tooth whitening method and smile more brighter in every job interview!

Don’t let the missing teeth prevent your smile!

If you have missing teeth in front of your mouth, you will notice the lack even when talking. Even a single tooth missing in the back teeth prevents you to smile comfortably and broadly. You may not be hiding your smile. But because of the missing teeth, you may have an older effect on the people. No matter how well-groomed and stylish you are, a missing tooth compromises your appearance. It is possible to solve dental deficiency permanently by implant treatment. Implant with an image and function that is no different from your own teeth, is definitely the right choice for a safe smile. Bridge prostheses are another option that can be used in dental deficiency. You should decide which method you prefer.

Don’t try to hide your teeth when you’re smiling.

In job interviews, the attention that your teeth attract may be affecting you in a negative way. The result of this is the smile you try to hide. Many of my patients describe their dissatisfaction with their teeth as “be ashamed when smiling”. Every time they smile, they are complaining that they are trying to close their mouths with their hands like a reflex. Smile is a reflection of our most natural and sincere state. Instead of hiding it, you can comfortably smile with your teeth in just a week or so with dental aesthetic treatments. For example, laminate veneers offer the fastest and effortless solution to your discoloured, hollow, misaligned image of your teeth. Its appearance is not a different from your natural teeth, but also in terms of its strength it is not different too. Its resistance to staining is more than your natural teeth. When you talk about your skills and education in a one-hour interview, smile will definitely give you plus points. It is in your hands to give a positive impression on the minds of the interviewees when you smile with confidence in your new job interviews. Always consult a specialist for dental aesthetic solutions!