Everywhere you can find beauty recipes for after pregnancy. These prescriptions mostly focus on weight loss methods. But the effects of pregnancy on the body are not just about gaining weight. I want to make a change in your perspective today and talk about your teeth. Pregnancy and puerperium are intense periods in which many different emotions coexist, as well as physical difficulties for the mother. Various causes, such as hormonal changes, affect the teeth and gums and some dental treatments may not be done properly. Due to psychological changes, the new mother may want to change and renew. In former years, when aesthetic applications were not common, rapid and effective beautification and renewal were much more difficult. Nowadays, it is both easy and aesthetic expectations are increasing day by day. Nowadays, women want to return to their former state in a short time after birth and wish to smile perfectly with their babies in social environments as soon as possible. When compared to other aesthetic applications, smile aesthetics applications offer faster and effortless solutions.

My first suggestion after giving birth is to have a dental examination and to give priority to your oral and dental treatment. After completing your regular treatments such as tooth decay, root canal treatment, filling and then cleaning your teeth, you can choose the most appropriate methods for you.

Now let’s look at these methods briefly:

Tooth whitening: One of the most preferred dental aesthetic applications is tooth whitening. This application provides the opportunity to smile with whiter teeth in a short time (just in 2 sessions) and it is less expensive compared to other applications. You can choose from tooth whitening options like office type dental whitening or home type, all you have to do is visit your dentist.

Smile design: This application of aesthetic dentistry is ideal for mothers who want to change their smile. With laminate veneers, discolouration of teeth, staining, irregularity, gaps between teeth, fractures and gaps are eliminated. Very thin laminate veneers is adhered to the front surface of the teeth. Thus, problems such as staining, yellowing will not happen again. This application provides natural and transparency similar to tooth enamel. The porcelain laminate veneers, which does not have any side effects from the biological point of view, lets you smile safely again in a short time, such as 1 week.

Dental bonding: You can choose the bonding option if you want an economic method for gaps or small fractures in your teeth. It is the process of applying tooth-coloured composite filling material without removing the tooth enamel. This easy process can usually be completed in one session.

Orthodontic treatment: In general, our patients do not prefer the orthodontic treatment as a short term solution; some of our patients are willing to wait a certain time for a beautiful smile. Of course, orthodontic treatment can be the only method in some misaligned teeth. Orthodontic treatment provides a beautiful smile with your own teeth permanently. It also eliminates problems affecting chewing, biting or even speaking. At the same time, the risk of dental cavities and gum disease, which is the inevitable result of some dental structures, is reduced. If you need orthodontic treatment, start treatment without thinking your age. The duration of treatment between 1 and 2 years may seem so long, but think that you have a healthy and beautiful smile at the end of the treatment, and give your decision.

At the end of nine months, without a doubt, your baby is the biggest gift of your life. In this new page of your life, while you have given up previous unhealthy habits and acquiring new habits, one of your most important new habits should be to pay more attention to your dental health. The best role model for children is their mothers.  A smiling mother with healthy and pearly white teeth is also a source of inspiration for her children.