Taking care of partial or complete dentures that replace missing teeth is just as important as taking care of a natural tooth. Regular care and cleaning prolongs the life of the prosthesis and prevents various diseases in the mouth. You should brush your fixed prosthesis 2 times a day and use dental floss. You can also use special brushes and tools to clean the complete prosthesis. Improper oral care can cause gum disease and bad breath. You need special cleaning tablets for the care of partial prosthesis. Brushing the inside and outside of the prosthesis prevents bad breath and plaques. If you do not pay attention to care and cleaning, the prostheses will damage the intraoral soft tissues. When washing the prosthesis, you should not drop it from your hands and be careful not to break it. You can prevent the risk of breaking your prosthesis by cleaning it on a towel, for example.

Care of the prosthesis

If prostheses are not cleaned properly, bacteria may cause redness, swelling, and inflammation of the gums. It can even cause oral thrush. You should keep away the prosthesis from chemical cleaners such as bleach. You should use special tools as I mentioned above. You can use special toothbrushes or soft toothbrushes for the prosthesis.

Prostheses must be kept in water during the time they are not in the mouth. You can remove your prostheses at night to rest of the oral tissues. If you are using the prosthesis, visiting your dentist every 6 months will be beneficial for your oral health.