Studies are continuing to increase oral health in our country. However, according to recent studies, dental health is not given enough importance. Many studies conducted by specialist doctors in their field note that dental health is not only a part of the body’s health, but it also carries elements that may disrupt this integrity. An infection in any part of the body can affect the teeth, an inflammation in the gums can affect the overall health is a very likely result. But the community prefers to evaluate oral health separately in terms of general perception. As a result, our society does not give importance to oral care.

According to the figures revealed by the Turkish Dental Association, the annual use of toothpaste per capita in our country is 110 gr. This rate is 4 times higher in many developed countries. Dental floss and mouthwash is almost ever used. These materials are used in only 2 out of 100 houses. The use of a toothbrush is also far below what it should be. The annual rate of toothbrush per capita is less than 1. There are adults who have never acquired the habit of brushing teeth for their life. It is also remarkable that more than 1 person use the same toothbrush in soma houses.

As dentists we recommend brushing teeth 2 times a day. But again, the rates reveal the facts. With a brush rate of 1.4 per week, we are far behind our expectations. Oral hygiene, which is the most important step in the protection of oral and dental health, is a process that should begin especially at an early age. Deficiencies in oral care, including child development, can create risks that may threaten the health of heart, especially in older ages. Dental cavities can cause serious consequences such as gum inflammation and tooth loss. If you neglect the hygiene of your mouth, it helps to protect your teeth and your overall health.