There’s a long summer waiting for us. This summer you can also benefit from the sun for your dental health. Vitamin D is a very important for the development and shaping of bones and teeth. The sun is the most important source of Vitamin D.

It is very important for healthy teeth to benefit from adequate amounts of sunlight, which is as important as calcium in bone and dental health. The most important cause of periodontal diseases and inflammation is the lack of calcium and vitamin D deficiency. People who live in places not sufficiently exposed to the sun need to pay attention to calcium intake to cover this gap. Just to keep the hands in the sun for 10-15 minutes a day is enough to take advantage of sufficient sunlight. There is not an extra benefit to stay in the sun for hours, but there are also various damages. Exposure to the sun behind the glass is useless, because the glass filters ultraviolet B rays. If you have the possibility, you can have the vitamin D you need at least twice a week for half an hour by sunbathing