Do you have inflammation in your gums even though you brush and floss regularly?

Have you noticed your gums appear more red than usual? Maybe it looks as if your gums are receding from your teeth. Even if a person brushes and floss regularly, he – she can still have gum disease. Of course, not paying enough attention to oral care increases the risk of gum disease. But there is other factors contributing to the development of gingival problems. Periodontal (gum) diseases can also develop in cases where medications that have a drying effect on the mouth are used, genetic predisposition to gingival disease, or hormonal fluctuations.

Are you sure that you brush your teeth and floss correctly?

Brushing and flossing is the basis of preventing oral diseases. Even if we brush or dental floss every day, we may experience oral health problems such as cavities and gum disease. It is very important to be careful when brushing teeth and using dental floss. Although most of these procedures can easily be included in our daily routine, you do not pay attention to whether we apply them correctly. You should focus on each tooth with short, gentle strokes during brushing. Brushing the teeth aggressively is also wrong. Putting too much weight and pressure to the toothbrush can cause irritation and inflammation of the gums. When using dental floss, be sure to thread the floss around every tooth – even those at the very back of the mouth.

What options are available for the treatment of gum disease?

If you have inflammation in your gums, you should visit a periodontist, an expert with advanced training and expertise focused on gum health. Specialized in the field of periodontics, these dentists have received extensive training to gain the knowledge to identify the subtleties of gingival health and access to the latest technology and tools in the field. Common treatment options for periodontal disease include prophylaxis, tissue graft, antibiotic treatment and mouthwash usage.

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