Smile design means using different methods to transform your smile into the one you’ve been dreaming about. It emerges from the association of dentistry and art. When planning your new smile, your dentist takes care of your personal expectations as well as taking care of a healthy and natural appearance. Of course, a smile that is completely harmonious with your physical characteristics, appropriate to your age, gender, face shape, and even your character, will be an extremely satisfying result for you and your dentist. In addition to the aesthetic beauty of the teeth, the small differences in their length, shape, and alignment can give you a completely different expression. Based on these small differences, these smile styles open the doors of a new smile that completely matches your character and expectations. There are generally 3 types of smile classification.These are the sexy smile, the sophisticated smile and the sporty smile.

Aesthetic Smile Expressions

Sexy smile : In general, it is the smile which the young people have its characteristics. The front teeth are noticeably longer than the side teeth. The front teeth shorten due to wear as you age. Young people and those who want to look younger should prefer this smile style that gives them an attractive and dynamic expression.

Sophisticated smile : This smile gives a more mature and knowledgeable expression to the face. The lower part of the face is more prominent. The alignment of the teeth is equal in a horizontal line. The aesthetic dentistry, which is inspired by teeth lengths equaled by aging, offers this smile alternative for those who want to have a mature expression.

Sporty smile : This smile expression, in which the front incisor teeth are slightly longer than the side cutters, is an average of the sophisticated and sexy smile. Sporty smile, which is different from the serious nature of sophisticated smile and the expression of sexy smile, is the most preferred form of smiling with a live and warm structure that it adds to the person.

All of smile design methods eliminate the disorders in terms of shape and colour, give you a healthy expression. They are highly satisfying in terms of aesthetics. With a smile design application, you can look younger, sexier or even more mature, and you can have bright teeth. Nowadays, dental aesthetics continue to be more and more popular because of its rejuvenating effect and its more effortless and faster results than other operations.