The most important aim of aesthetic dentistry is to provide an aesthetic smile together with healthy teeth.The colour of the teeth as well as the shape of the teeth is also remarkable in the smile design. Therefore, the choice of tooth colour is very important in applications such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and dentures. Although the expectations of the patients are in favor of white and bright teeth, in terms of aesthetics, naturalness is more important.

Tooth Colour is Personal

As the natural tooth colours are personal, not all teeth are in the same tone. There are small differences between lower teeth and upper teeth, dog teeth and cutting teeth.In the vita scale, which is frequently used in dentistry, the teeth are divided into 4 colours :

A : red brown

B : red yellow

C : gray

D : red gray

All tones have lower and intermediate tones.

If the treatment involves some teeth, you need to be very careful when choosing the colour. Stains on the tooth surface should be removed. You must be meticulous in choosing colours to eliminate disturbing tone differences. Of course, your dentist will guide you correctly. When your dentist holds a colour scale to your teeth, you need to make a quick decision. Because the longer you look, the harder it is for your eyes to perceive the tonal differences. In this case, you can rest your eyes by looking on a grey background, and then you can re-choose. The patient and the dentist can choose the right colour by testing them at the same level, under correct lighting and at different lights. In the place where you choose the colour of the teeth, the natural light of the day is good to take advantage of the results is also efficient.

In denture and veneer applications, it is possible to make free choice of colours. Patients generally prefer to be directed to light tones, but the important thing is the tooth colour that fits the person. Factors such as age, socio-economic status, skin tone, gum colour are also important. For example, in dark-skinned individuals, the choice of very light tooth colours, removes their smiles from naturalness. While there is a darkening of half-tonnes in ceramic applications, there is no change in porcelain veneer applications. With all this in mind, you can find the right tooth colour to answer your aesthetic concerns with the guidance of your dentist.