The history of implants, which are produced with modern technology and materials and offer a permanent and robust solution nowadays, dates back to ancient times. With the first tooth extraction in ancient times, the implant was used to replace the missing teeth. Although there are implants made from a wide variety of materials in history, the first implants were made from carved bamboo latches. As early as 4000 years, early versions of dental implants were used in the civilization of ancient China. The first recorded case of a replacement tooth made of metal comes from the body of an Egyptian king who lived in approximately 2000 years. A copper peg was attached over the king’s upper jaw. Although it is not certain if the peg was attached during his lifetime as a tooth replacement or after his death. In an archaeological study conducted in early 2014, the iron implant found in a woman’s body is estimated to have a history of 2300 years. The archaeological study in 2009 found a well-preserved female body with a visible implant in one of the upper incisors. Of course, we no longer use iron, copper and bamboo implants. Implants are the most modern and state-of-the-art materials that replace the missing teeth and are the closest to the permanent and natural teeth.